(Sur)reality TV

In Inside Venezuela on enero 23, 2010 at 8:50 pm

These are days of full expectancy in Venezuela.

Today, just when we are celebrating the 52nd anniversary of democracy, the venezuelan government announced that they are calling all cable and satellite tv providers to withdraw the signal of “some channels” from their grids. It was never said, but in Venezuela, everybody knows that the goal of that order is to finally take the signal of the channel RCTV off.

RCTV was an open channel until the government didn’t renewed the permissions needed to broadcast on public airwaves in 2007.

That movement alienated several followers of president Hugo Chavez, activated the student movement all around the country, and led to the first important electoral defeat of the president in 8 years.

Nevertheless, the government want to give the final “coup de grace”, to the private network RCTV for its hardline against them and now, all venezuelans with satellite or cable services are waiting (again) for the final broadcast of RCTV.
As in 2007, people of opposition views to the government is gathering to protest against the measure, surely enough people with the government will do the same…and in the middle, as usual, the first casualties will be the truth and common sense.

This is happening right now: some of the most influential young leaders of the student movement are already on the streets (even though it’s 10:30 pm) and some services providers (like directv, the one that I am monitoring) haven’t obbey the government.

As I write this, I asked to a friend who works (should I said “worked”?) at RCTV where she was, and the answer was this: “on my way to the channel, to witness the second closure of it…” Surreal, indeed.



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